Applicant Tracking

Our applicant tracking system makes finding the right people easier. Use our integrated recruitment tools to define the application process, create custom job application questions and custom email templates to monitoring the applicant’s progress. You can even search the applicant database for keywords or skills.


Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking Dashboard

Shows the progress of all applicants by Job Type and Status. You can see the detailed status history of each applicant.

Forms Bank

The Forms Bank is where you create custom email communication for use in the Applicant Tracking process to include the Thank you letter, Offer Letter, or Rejection Letter email.

Question Bank

Set and edit questions that will be used in the applicant screening process specific to the job. This functionality allows for each Job Posting to be unique.

Onboarding Prep

Once you have selected the right candidate you can start the Onboarding process. Onboarding Prep allows you to send a Welcome Email outlining the information/documents required to complete the Onboarding Process specific to each position.


Help new hires complete necessary forms and become acquainted with your company’s policies and culture
for a smooth transition from day one.



Onboarding Task List

This is where you set up unique Onboarding experiences by position and view or edit the requirements for onboarding new employees. Tasks may include: direct deposit, electronic W-4/I-9 forms with e-signatures, background check authorization. You can also upload any additional forms required.

Onboarding Dashboard

Custom questions can be added to the new hire onboarding process. Questions can be Yes/No, Free form Text, Date, and Multiple Choice and can be used across multiple job postings. Create an onboarding invitation email to new hires so that they can complete their new hire paperwork. The dashboard provides a summary of all employees who are in the process of being onboarded.