I currently handle payroll in-house….why do I need a payroll service?

Most clients have found that it is far less expensive to hire a payroll service, especially when you consider the cost of buying check stock, employing knowledgeable staff and continually updating software to keep current on changing tax laws and rates. In addition, one tax penalty could cost an organization thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.

How does your tax filing service work?

We debit your bank account each payroll for payroll taxes and remit electronic payments to the proper government agencies on your behalf. We also file all tax returns on your behalf thus eliminating worries about tax deposit and return filing deadlines.

My company has locations in more than one state. Can you accommodate multiple state taxes & reports?

Absolutely. We can handle paying taxes and filing returns in any number of states.

Can I receive my reports electronically or view them online?

Absolutely! In addition to paper reports received with each payroll package, we can automatically e-mail the complete set immediately following payroll processing. We also offer online report viewing through our website: just log on and you can access your payroll reports.

I am interested in “paperless” payroll, do you offer this feature?

Yes, with Paperless Payroll all your payroll reports and employee check stubs can be retrieved via the web 24/7 eliminating the need for file folders or binders. It gives you the capability to print only those reports or employee check stubs that you need. Paperless payroll also serves as an added security feature with only authorized personnel having access capability.

Can employees view check stubs online?

Online Employer's Employee Services is a self-service, web-based product providing employers and their employees online access to personnel information, check stubs, time-off accruals and more. Our fully web-based solution enables employees to access information 24/7. Save time and resources by providing employees instant access to information they need, when they need it.

Do you offer other services for Business Owners besides payroll?

We offer a huge selection of services related to payroll. Our services include:

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Human Resource Module
  • Web General Ledger
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  • Human Resource Support Center
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • S125 Pre-Tax Health Insurance
  • 401k Retirement Services
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Credit Card Processing

If I decide to make to switch your company, how long will the conversion take?

Depending on the size of your company, it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to get your account set up.

What documents are needed to set up my account?

  • Copies of reports from your current payroll provider
  • Copies of your Quarterly Tax returns
  • A copy of a company check Appropriate reports with employee W-4, direct deposit and deduction information